Alberecht Garrone

Aging Lord of Rogue Trader House Garrone


Lord-Admiral Garrone is the aging master of House Garrone, a powerful Rogue Trader dynasty spanning four generations. Lord Alberecht has ruled his House for over a century and a half, though despite rejuvenation techniques his age is started to show. Garrone has a reputation for being a cunning thinker, a shrewd negotiator, and a brilliant tactician. House Garrone has always had close ties with the Imperial Navy, and Alberecht continues the family tradition of military-level discipline and training for the officers and soldiers that serve his Dynasty.

Lord Garrone is known to have a number of combat-capable vessels at his disposal, including a Lunar-class cruiser called the Assured Victory that serves as his flagship. His house has been heavily involved in colonization attempts within the Koronus Expanse with few other endeavor interests, though Garrone frequently comes to the aid of Imperial Navy operations within the Expanse. Supposedly this close relationship means preferential treatment for House Garrone vessels by Imperial Navy ships and installations.

Another rumor is that Alberecht Garrone’s aides and advisers are concerned about the line of succession for the Dynasty. Alberecht has a number of children and grand-children, but no clear heir has yet been named.

Garrone has yet to directly interact with the D’Stayn Dynasty. The only mention thus far of House Garrone has been that Alberecht has also laid a claim on the agri-world of Drouna, which the D’Stayn family has claimed. Eventually, the D’Stayn scions will need to negotiate an arrangement with House Garrone.

Alberecht Garrone

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