Basil Paterwalus

Noble Lord from Calixis


Lord Basil Paterwalus is a ranking member of the Board of Directors to the Praxis Banking Guild in the Calixis Sector. While not in the league of the Great Houses, the Praxis Guild is considered a strong rival of the dominant House Krin in regards to financial and investment business throughout Calixis. Recently, Praxis has begun looking for investment opportunities within the Koronus Expanse.

Lord Paterwalus was encountered by Eurydice Magdalene at a banquet held by Lord Neru Ginjo. She overheard that the banker-noble had a particular (and not entirely legal) fascination with artifacts of Ork manufacture. He apparently had an open contract with Lord-Captain Museveni Nox for a regular supply but eagerly negotiated another deal with Eurydice for Ork weaponry.

Basil Paterwalus

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