Bolivar Zarkov

Astropath Reluctantly in Service to the D'Stayn Dynasty


Bolivar Zarkov is a powerful astropath and diviner who escaped his duty to hide alone on an isolated space hulk for many decades. He was found and brought to Footfall, where he sought solace at the Pit of Voices. When Pulveria Nocte came seeking astropaths for her choir, Bolivar volunteered, though he isn’t exactly sure why he did. Bedraggled and random, Boliver is known for muttering to himself, ranting incoherently, and seemingly attempting suicide by airlock. But he is also the most powerful member of Lady Nocte’s choir so his eccentricities are tolerated.

Recently, Bolivar has been serving as primary Astropath aboard the Vorpal Bunny.

Bolivar Zarkov

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