Brash Grimslag

Ork Freebooter Kaptin


Kaptin Brash Grimslag is a powerful and much-feared Ork Freebooter who has plagued the Imperial outposts and colonies between the Cauldron and the Emperor’s Scourge for decades. He is known to have over two dozen ships in his fleet and is rumored to be based in a mobile Rok equipped with its own warp drive.

When Grimslag’s raids became too much, the Imperial Navy put a bounty out for the Ork’s head. The crew of the Tyrant Sun were among those who sought out the bounty, only to run into an ambush that severely damaged their small flotilla (though the Orks fared far worse). The D’Stayn House would encounter Grimslag’s forces again at Drouna, where they rescued the planet from a full invasion force of Orks.

Apparently, so impressed was Kaptin Grimslag with the fighting prowess of the D’Stayns that he issued a welcoming challenge to them – he gave them the projected route of his hidden Rok base and invited the honored enemies to meet him there for a final brawl at a time of their choosing.

Brash Grimslag

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