Casimir Fortunado

Lord of Up-and-Coming Rogue Trader House Fortunado


Casimir Fortunado is the current scion of House Fortunado, a Rogue Trader dynasty that was founded by Casimir’s grandfather Claudius. Like his predecessors, Casimir maintains a strong alliance with the Adeptus Mechanicus and his family starship, a heavily modified frigate named the Blaze of Glory, is said to have been blessed with advanced technology from the Priests of Mars. Casimir is rumored to command a force of Mechancius Skitarii warriors as well as his own fanatical cult of warrior-concubines (called the Kyrie).

Casimir himself has a reputation for being proud, headstrong, and impetuous…but also daring, honorable, and fair. He is young and handsome with fair hair and skin and a determined expression. He is known to have a bitter rivalry with Lord-Captain Remus Dubliex.

Casimir first encountered the lords of the Tyrant Sun when his shipment of xenos beasts broke free (by sabotage, according to some rumors) and rampaged through the D’Stayn docks in Footfall. When he approached, he was brusquely dismissed by Lord Tryft NaLiptik, severely offending the young Captain’s pride. Since then, relations have been cold between the two Houses.

Fortunado’s latest endeavor has been to claim the space hulk designated X020174RT-713. This has once again brought him in conflict with the D’Stayn Dynasty.

Casimir Fortunado

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