Janessa's Master of Whispers


Dante is a lean, good-looking man of indeterminate age. He wears his jet black hair neatly trimmed and slicked back. His dark eyes are sharp and observant, always watching. He rarely smiles unless it suits his purposes. When he speaks, it is with a soft tone and genteel High Gothic accent. His movements are always measured and precise.

Dante’s family has connections with Janessa‘s lineage. Where Janessa and her kin served as aides and advisers to the rulers of the D’Stayn Dynasty, Dante’s family served as “expeditors” to Janessa’s people. The role of “expeditor” meant many different things, from a trusted gopher to a subtle assassin. When Janessa took on her role as seneschal to the Dynasty, Dante was assigned as her highest ranking aide. He excels at gathering information and eliminating individuals that Janessa finds “troublesome.” His loyalty to Janessa and the D’Stayn family is unquestionable – he considers no task to be distasteful or beneath him if it suits his lady’s wishes.


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