Dash Rains

Void-Born Gun-Cutter Pilot


Born aboard the Tyrant Sun, Dash demonstrated his love and natural talent for flying at an early age. Moving up from the cargo bay crews, he apprenticed with other small craft pilots until he earned his wings. He fought in the tragic exchange that decimated the D’Stayn fleet, surviving by luck as much as skill.

Dash is extremely confident in his flying abilities to the point that he rarely puts in practice flight-time, which with his casual attitude can make him appear lazy or shiftless. He has a strong competitive streak and enjoys winning against all the odds. He is fond of pranks and jokes and has gotten into trouble with his mischief in the past. Above all, though, he is loyal and devoted to his friends and his ship. He is particularly close to fellow pilot Vesper despite their differences in rank.

Dash is a rangy good-looking young man with long limbs, very fair skin, and a winning smile. He has a mop of blond hair often streaked with different colors. He prefers to wear his void flight suit everywhere.

Dash Rains

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