Gaius Morotai

Lord-General of the Morotai Rogue Trader Dynasty


Lord Gaius Morotai earned his Warrant of Trade fifty years ago after cleansing and purging three systems of Ork and Chaos taint. Since then, his interests have run to military conquest and the slave trade. He was a tall, imposing man rarely seen outside of his custom-fitted power armor.

Morotai was first encountered by the D’Stayn Dynasty during a banquet held by Lord Neru Ginjo. Later, while investigating the disappearance of a Planetary Defense Force bound for the agri-world Drouna, the D’Stayns learned that Lord Morotai has attacked and captured the Imperial transport, claiming the weapons and vehicles for his own army and preparing the PDF troops for slavery. The D’Stayn fleet tracked Morotai and the PDF to the desert world of Belial and bested him in combat. Morotai was killed when the D’Stayns boarded his flagship, the Storm and Fury , and raided the bridge.

Though Gaius is dead, his House appears to be ready to trouble the D’Stayn Dynasty further through his sons Ares and Maximus.

Gaius Morotai

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