Hassan al-Farid

Lord-Governor of the Desert Mining World of Belial


Hassan al-Farid is the Imperial-appointed planetary Governor of the desert world of Belial, a mining colony near the Cauldron warpstorm. Shortly after al-Farid took command of the world, his control of supplanted by Lord-General Gaius Morotai when the militant Rogue Trader forcibly took over the world. With Lord Morotai in control, Governor al-Farid found his authority diminishing and the expectations of his new lord growing. He became a timid and weak administrator, desperate not to anger his temperamental master.

Governor al-Farid encountered the D’Stayn Dynasty after they defeated Lord Morotai and declared themselves new masters of Belial. al-Farid tried to stall the takeover, mentioning trouble with local bandits and raiders – which the D’Stayns promptly dealt with via precision lance battery strikes against the desert wastes. Intimidated by this show of power, al-Farid immediately gave his allegiance to House D’Stayn.

Recently, the D’Stayns learned that the sons of Gaius Morotai, Ares and Maximus has begun moving back into their family’s territory on Belial. Apparently Governor al-Farid simply rolled over and allowed his former masters back in.

Hassan al-Farid

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