Young Reaver Girl


Kas is a teenaged Reaver from a tribe of space hulk survivors descended from Chaos pirates and Imperial Navy soldiers. Though young, she is one of the finest warriors of her tribe and quite popular among other Reaver youths. She encountered the D’Stayns when she attempted to kill Vesper for intruding on one of her clan’s traditional dances / mock-battles. Though the two were evenly matched, their fight was interrupted by Eurydice, who Kas greeted with near-worship. Kas’ respect for the D’Stayns grew as she guided them in their quest to free captured Reavers from the Iron Takers.

Kas is a slim, wiry girl in her mid to late teens. She is slightly shorter than average with coppery colored hair that she redesigns often (usually keeping in a series of braids). She has large and alert yellow-green eyes and milk-white skin decorated with ritual tattoos and scars. She dresses in a hodgepodge of combat leathers, spikes and old Imperial uniforms. Her preferred weapons are a matched pair of Lathe-pattern power blades.


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