Astropath in Service to the D'Stayn Dynasty


Laertes was born on a frontier world on the edges of the Calixis Sector. From the beginning, he was a troublemaker, using his (at the time) minor psychic abilities in confidence games. This continued until he offended the wrong crime lord, captured, and delivered to the Black Ships. He survived his Soul-Binding and ended up assigned to a military starship that traveled into the Koronus Expanse. The ship was badly damaged in a battle against Eldar Corsairs, and during the confusion, Laertes escaped aboard a small flyer. He ended up at Footfall, where he was recruited by Lady Pulveria Nocte for her astropathic choir.

Laertes is a handsome and athletic young man…and he knows it. He lives for the thrill of the moment and intends to enjoy life to the fullest. While this attitude has endeared him to the more hedonistic of the D’Stayn nobility, his poor combat skills have annoyed other more militant lords.


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