Leader of the Reaver Clan of Space Hulk X020174RT-713


Malciah is the leader of a clan of space hulk denizens descended from survivors of a clash between Chaos Reaver pirates and Imperial Naval forces. His clan has kept warrior traditions from both Reaver and Imperial dogma and believes in strength, ruthlessness, and honor to survive. As leader, Malchiah is a strong-willed warrior without peer, guiding the clan by virtue of his combat prowess, cunning, and long-sighted intelligence. He is a man of supreme confidence who seeks the best for his clan. He is not known for being trusting, naive, or careless, as no reaver lives long with such failings, but he is honest, forthright, and respectful…at least of those who earn his respect.

Malchiah is a tall, athletic man with a harsh, lined face, short dark beard, and bald head. He possesses a suit of light Imperial power armour, a sign of his rank, and a variety of powerful weapons. He does not smile much and speaks with an oddly accented blending of Low Gothic and Void Cant.


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