Meretek Omnus

Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Tech-Priest aboard the Tyrant Sun


Meretek was born and raised on the Forge-World of Mars, under the eternally watching, unblinking gaze of the Omnimessiah. Like most other native Martians, he was trained from boyhood in the sacred mysteries of the Machine Cult.

But Meretek was possessed by the unforgivable sin: Curiosity. No matter how hard his instructors tried, they could not expunge the taint of this sin from his soul. He kept asking questions. He kept attempting to “improve” on existing designs – designs that were holy and ancient when even the Emperor himself walked the galaxy. There was no cure for it. Despite the Cult’s best efforts, the boy proved irredeemable; useless. In order to salvage some tiny bit of good from him, they decided to wipe his brain and turn him into one of the mindless servitors, that he may toil ceaselessly for the good of the Machine Cult.

But Meretek had other ideas. He fled Mars, stowing away on the next ship out to the frontier. He kept going, as far as he could get from the center of the Imperium and from those who would see the spark of his curiosity extinguished. He found himself in the Koronos Expanse, on the very edge of the void. Here, he sought out a ship that could take him even further, to the very edge of the galaxy, where he might find something to assuage the burning inquisitiveness in his mind.

Recently, Meretek found himself charged with restoring the light cruiser Emperor’s Bounty. During his work on the archeotech engines and systems, Meretek has slowly built up a small army of servitors constructed from the slain former crew. Rumor has it that the power may have gone to the young Tech-Priest’s head…

Meretek Omnus

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