Ollivor Bascombe

Lord-Governor of the Agri-World Drouna


Ollivor Bascombe is the Imperial-assigned planetary governor of the agri-world Drouna. He took up his post twenty years ago. He comes from a wealthy family in the Calixis Sector and maintains strong connections with friends and allies among the rich and powerful there. He is a polite and genteel gentleman who takes his responsibilities seriously and care deeply for the Drouna people. He is well liked by the population and does not consider himself above any of his citizens. Twelve years ago, he married a local woman named Ella, cementing his connection with the locals.

Governor Bascombe met the scions of the D’Stayn Dynasty during an invasion of his world by Ork Freebooters belonging to Kaptin Brash Grimslag‘s fleet. The D’Stayns fought off the Ork invasion and returned the missing Planetary Defense Force that had been lost en route to Drouna. Within the same week, the D’Stayns uncovered a xenos (Eldar) ruins being excavated by the secretive Museveni Nox and repelled an attack by a small group of Dark Eldar raiders.

Grateful for the D’Stayn’s help, Governor Bascombe negotiated an alliance with the dynasty, trading a share in the various profits of the agri-world for military protection. In addition, he ceded the largest of Drouna’s two moons to House D’Stayn for the purposes of a permanent settlement for D’Stayn ships and forces.

Ollivor Bascombe

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