Remus Dubliex

Master of Secretive Rogue Trader Dynasty of House Dubliex


Remus is the latest lord of the Dubliex Dynasty, a house of Rogue Trader whose warrant was awarded to Remus’ uncle Tomas. According to rumor, Lord Tomas Dubliex discovered some information in his role as a Calixian planetary governor that the Imperial Administratum wished to keep secret. It is said that the Dubliex Warrant was the price for Lord Tomas’ silence. Tomas Dubliex recently died of an unknown illness some years after his brother (Remus’ father) Pyter was killed in an assassination attempt meant for Tomas. This left Remus as lord of House Dubliex.

Remus is reputed to be a skilled administrator and a cunning explorer. He has a reputation for knowing important or secret information, supposedly thanks to his network of spies between Port Wander and Footfall. He maintains close ties with the Administratum. The Dubliex fleet consists of a frigate, the Joy of Vindication, and two transports, the Solar Wind and the Crimson Surprise. His rivalry with Lord-Captain Casimir Fortunado is also well-known following Fortunado’s winning a hotly contested contract with the underworld Beast House.

Remus Dubliex

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