Archeotech Jetbike

Hybrid Design Jetbike


Type: Skimmer
Tactical Speed: 30m
Cruising Speed: 250kph
Manoeuvrability: +20
Structural Integrity: 20
Size: Hulking
Armour: Front 20, Side 20, Rear 18
Crew: Pilot
Carrying Capacity: None


  • 1 Twin-linked Pulse Blaster (Fixed mount front facing)
    Class: Heavy
    Range: 150m
    Rof: S/2/4
    Damage: 2d10+2
    Type: Energy
    Penetration: 4
    Clip: 100
    Reload: Full
    Special: Gyro-Stabilized (never counts as further than Long Range)

Special Rules
Bike: Melee attackers may choose either the rider or the vehicle as a target. The vehicle may not make ramming actions.
Enhanced Motive System: Vehicle may move twice its Tactical Speed as a Half Action or three times its Tactical Speed as a Full Action. The Floor It! action is Ordinary (+10) Difficulty and triples Tactical Speed.
Open-Topped: Pilot may be targeted at range with a Called Shot. Pilot may also use her own weapons in combat.
Rugged: Vehicle grants a +20 bonus to Tech-Use Tests for repairing the vehicle.
Skimmer: Vehicle hovers 2 meters above ground at all times. It ignores most Difficult terrain. It gains a +10 to all Maneuverability Tests, but is subject to Crashing rules. Melee attackers suffer a -10 penalty to WS when attacking. The vehicle may make any number of turns while moving.


This jetbike is an unknown construction and manufacture, though it appears to be a hybrid of Imperial and Tau designs. It is cherry red in color, extremely fast and maneuverable, and products much less noise than modern jetbikes.

Pulveria discovered this vehicle aboard the Mechanicus treasure ship Wheels of Industry. Many jokes regarding a blind girl flying a jetbike ensued. Vesper is rumored to be extremely jealous of Pulveria’s find.

Archeotech Jetbike

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