Eye of Battle

Archeotech Cogitator and Auger Device

  • Acts as an Auspex/Scanner of Good Craftsmanship.
  • Acts as an Omni-Scope, which affects any ranged weapon used by the wearer:
    • Red-dot laser sight: +10 to BS when firing on single shot
    • Telescopic sight: ignore penalty for long and extreme range with full action to aim
    • Preysense sight: no penalties due to darkness; +20 to vision perception tests at night
  • Includes a Combat Cogitator that relays tactical information to the wearer, including ranges, speeds, likely maneuvers, weapon capabilities, and so forth. Wearer may make an Awareness or Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) Test. If the Test succeeds, the wearer gains a Tactical Point, plus one additional per Degree of Success. In a given combat, a Tactical Point may be used for any of the following bonuses:
    • +1 to Initiative
    • +5 to Evasion (Parry or Dodge) Tests
    • +5 to BS when making Aimed shots
    • +1 to weapon Penetration
    • +5 to WS and BS – only used to counter penalties for size, movement, or concealment
    • +5 to Perception Tests

An ornate monocle-earpiece with multiple lenses that shift in accordance to movements of the wearer’s pupils and eyelids.

Tryft discovered this device aboard the Mechanicus treasure ship Wheels of Industry. Its history is otherwise unknown.

Eye of Battle

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