Halo Barge


Type: Spacecraft
Tactical Speed: 20 m/ 9 AUs
Cruising Speed: 1,400 kph/ 4 VUs per Strategic Turn in space
Manoeuvrability: -20
Structural Integrity: 40
Size: Massive
Armour: Front 28, Side 24, Rear 24
Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot
Carrying Capacity: 40 people, 40 metric tonnes of cargo
Availability: Scarce

Weapons: None

Special Rules
Spacecraft: This vehicle may exit the atmosphere. While in the atmosphere it may operate as a skimmer or flyer at the pilot’s choice. It gains all benefits and drawbacks of skimmers and flyers. If operating as a flyer, it must be moving at least half its cruising speed at all times lest it begin a terminal dive to the earth below. In either case, if it becomes completely immobilised due to damage, count the vehicle as destroyed instead as it crashes to the ground (or begins to fall out of the sky in a terminal dive).


Halo Barges are mass-haulers, designed to move bulk cargo from a planet’s surface into orbit. Large, slow, and unwieldy, their only benefit is that they are both practical and efficient.

Halo Barge

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