Mechadendrite Pack

Non-Bionic Archeotech Manipulator Mechadendrite

  • Gain a +10 bonus to Strength Tests when using the mechadendrites.
  • Gain an additional +10 bonus to Strength Tests involving movement such as Climb and Swim.
  • Mechadendrite may be used as clubs, counting as a Primitive weapon that deals 1d5+2 Impact Damage.
  • Wearer may make a WP Test to gain an additional Attack Action per Round with an extra weapon. An additional attack is gained for every 2 Degrees of Success, up to a maximum of four.

A somewhat bulky backpack with straps for the shoulders and waists. When worn, the pack inserts dozens of needle-thin interface probes into the wearer’s spine. Four abnormally thin and advanced mechadendrite can retract into and extend from the pack, responding to the wearer’s mental commands. Each mechadendrite can extend out to a maximum of 3 meters.

Vesper discovered this device aboard the Mechanicus treasure ship Wheels of Industry.

Mechadendrite Pack

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