Poetic Justice

Janessa's Combat Servo-Skull

WS: 35 BS: 35 S: 10 T: 20 Ag: 40 Int: 15 Per: 35 WP: 20 Fel: na

Movement: na
Wounds: 5


  • Awareness (Per +20)
  • Concealment (Ag +10)
  • Dodge (Ag +10)
  • Search (Per +10)
  • Silent Move (Ag +20)


  • Fearless (immune to Fear and Pinning)
  • Weapon Training talents appropriate to its armaments


  • Dark Sight (function normally in areas of total darkness)
  • Flier 6 (flying movement of 6)
  • Machine (3) (no need to breathe; immune to cold and vacuum; immune to mind-affecting psychic powers; Armour counts against fire)
  • Programmed Instinct (unless expressly ordered otherwise, the servo-skull attacks and destroys anything that attacks or threatens its charge – within a “tolerance level” set by its master; will defend itself when attacked; interposes itself if mater is wounded)
  • Size (Puny) (-20 to attack the servo-skull)

Armour (Machine): Head 3


  • Mono-blade limbs (1d5+2 damage; Pen 2; Flexible; cannot be used to Parry)
  • Rotating gun array with built-in red-dot sight
    • Hell pistol
    • Hand flamer


  • In-built vox and cogitator
  • Lumen globe
  • Pict-relay system
  • Auspex auger micro-array

Poetic Justice began life as one the elite bodyguards serving Lord-General Gaius Morotai. When the scions of House D’Stayn fought and killed Morotai, one of the bodyguards shot Lady Janessa with a burst of lasgun fire, nearly killing her. In retribution, Tryft NaLiptik severed the man’s arm and set him alight with a precision hellgun blast. The man’s skull and cranium was recovered following the battle and given to Magos Meretek Omnus to be reconstructed as a combat servo-skull for Janessa. Meretek out-did himself in the development and design of the skull, which has served Janessa well.

Poetic Justice

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