Sentinel Scout Walker

Standard Imperial Walker


Type: Walker
Tactical Speed: 10m
Cruising Speed: 45kph
Manoeuvrability: +10
Structural Integrity: 16
Size: Hulking
Armour: Front 20, Side 20, Rear 20
Crew: 1 Driver
Carrying Capacity: None

Weapons (choose one of the following)

  • Multi-laser
    Range: 150m
    Rof: //5
    Damage: 2d10+10
    Type: Energy
    Penetration: 2
    Clip: 100
    Reload: 2 Full
    Special: Reliable
  • Heavy flamer
    Range: 30m
    Rof: S/-/-
    Damage: 1d10+5
    Type: Energy
    Penetration: 4
    Clip: 20
    Reload: 2 Full
    Special: Flame, Spray
  • Autocannon
    Range: 300m
    Rof: S/3/-
    Damage: 3d10+8
    Type: Impact
    Penetration: 6
    Clip: 40
    Reload: 2 Full
    Special: Reliable
  • Lascannon
    Range: 300m
    Rof: S/-/-
    Damage: 5d10+10
    Type: Energy
    Penetration: 10
    Clip: 30
    Reload: 2 Full
    Special: Proven(3)

Special Rules
Enhanced Motive System: Vehicle may move twice its Tactical Speed as a Half Action or three times its Tactical Speed as a Full Action. The Floor It! action is Ordinary (+10) Difficulty and triples Tactical Speed.
Open-Topped: Pilot may be targeted at range with a Called Shot. Pilot may also use her own weapons in combat.
Walker: Vehicle ignores various Difficult terrain due to large feet and mobile legs. Vehicle cannot Ram but can Charge. Vehicle may turn as a free action in melee combat. Vehicle may make any number of turns during movement.


Small and lightly built, the Sentinel is mostly employed as a reconnaissance walker, ranging far ahead of the main advance in order to find areas where the enemy is concentrated the most or to launch ambushes upon the enemy’s own forward elements. They also make excellent close support weapon platforms, especially in tight quarters where their exceptional mobility and capacity to move and fire heavy weapons comes into its own.

Sentinel Scout Walker

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