Soriatas Power Armour


Location Covered: All (with Helmet)
Armour Points: 7 (8 on Body)
Weight: 35kg
Availability: Very Rare


Commissioned by Goge Vandire, it is the only part of his legacy that was not removed along with his head. Created initially by the forges on Mars for the Adepta Sororitas, this lighter power armour provides excellent protection and increased strength with little to no reduction in movement speed or agility. The Armour uses a similar power supply as the armour for the Adeptus Astartes adn does not run out of power unless damaged. A Sister of Battle is not typically issued a helmet until she has proved herself.

Sororitas Power Armour adds + 10 to the user’s Strength and the helmet includes an integrated targeter (+ 5 to Ballistic Skill), a rebreather, and a comm-link. Users with a Heavy Weapon treat it as Braced.

Damaging Power Armour

Sororitas power armour uses a fusion generator backpack which can sustain power forever with proper care. However, it is possible for the power unit to be damaged, hindering or even disabling the suit. If the wearer takes Critical Damage to the Body from behind, consult the Power Unit Critical Effects chart (see below), in addition to the normal Critical Effects. The problems continue until the unit can be repaired with a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test.

Power Unit Critical Effects
Critical Damage Result
1 – 3 Unaffected: The power unit continues functioning normally.
4 – 5 Damaged: The power flow is diminished, causing system failures and difficulty moving. All benefits granted by the armour (except its inherent AP) are lost. All physical actions suffer a -10 penalty. Decrease Base Movement by 2.
6 + Unpowered: The suit completely shuts down. All benefits grated by the armour (but not its inherent AP) are lost. The wearer must make a Hard (-20) Strength Test simply to move. If he passes the test, his Base Movement is still reduced to 1, and all physical actions suffer a -20 penalty.

Soriatas Power Armour

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