Dubious Enterprise

Hull Type: Loki-class Q-ship Transport
Dimensions: 2 km long; .4 km abeam
Speed: 5
Maneuverability: +5
Detection: +10
Hull Integrity: 40
Armour: 13
Turret Rating: 3
Void Shields: 1
Crew: 18,000 approx.
Crew Population: 100
Crew Morale: 100
Crew Rating: Competent (30)
Weapon Capacity: 1 Dorsal, 1 Prow

Machine Spirit: Rebellious
Once per game session, the GM can randomly select one of the ship’s Components to become unpowered until repaired. Whenever the ship suffers a critical hit, roll 1d10. On a 8 or higher, the critical effect is ignored.

Past History: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Choose 3 Components that never show up on Auger scans, but this ability uses 2 Power.

Essential Components:

  • Plasma Drive: Lathe-pattern Class 1 Drive (archeaotech, best craftsmanship)
    Haste of the Damned: Reduce the duration of all warp passages by half. However, roll on the Warp Travel Encounters table every three days rather than every five days.
  • Warp Engine: Miloslav G-616b Warp Engine (good craftsmanship)
  • Geller Field: Basic Geller Field
  • Void Shields: Castellan Shield (archeaotech)
    Fail-safes: Once per Strategic Round, during one opponent’s Strategic Turn, the ship’s Enginseer Prime may make a Difficult (–10) Tech-Use Test. This does not count as the Enginseer’s Extended Action. If he succeeds, the ship doubles its number of Void Shields for the duration of a single opponent’s Strategic Turn.
  • Bridge: Bridge of Antiquity (archeaotech)
    Eyes Everywhere: Add +10 to all Command Tests or social Skill Tests any character makes while on the bridge.
    Hololithic Display Tank : Increase the ship’s Manoeuvrability by +5 (already added in).
  • Crew Quarters: Pressed Crew Quarters
    Cramped: Decrease Morale permanently by 2.
  • Life Sustainers: Ancient Life Sustainer (archeaotech)
    The Air is Sweet: Increase Morale permanently by 2, reduce all losses to Crew Population due to non-combat sources by 1.
  • Auger Array: W-240 Passive Detection Arrays
    No Broadcasting: When on silent running this vessel may perform any Detection actions without penalty.

Supplemental Components:

  • Main Cargo Bay
    Stowed and Secured: Gain additional 125 Achievement Points toward Trade objective.
  • Shadowblind Bays
    Mirror Bays : Gain additional 50 Achievement Points toward Trade objective or 75 Achievement Points toward Criminal objective. Location of the shadowblind bays requires an Arduous (–40) Scrutiny Test.
  • Trophy Room
    Past Experiences: Gain additional 50 Achievement Points toward Exploration, Trade, or Criminal objective.
  • Xenos Librariam (xeno-tech)
    Alien Tomes: Any Forbidden Lore Tests receive a +10 bonus when made aboard this vessel (GM’s discretion).
  • Augmented Retro-Thrusters
  • Auxilery Plasma Banks
    Volatile Power: If Component is ever damaged, the ship takes 1d5 damage directly to Hull Integrity, and its plasma drive is set on fire.
  • Defensive Countermeasures (x1)
    Single Use Countermeasures: When deployed, the countermeasures apply a -20 penalty to all Ballistic Skill tests made to attack the ship for the next 1d5+1 Strategic Turns. Torpedoes suffer a -30 penalty instead. Once used, the countermeasures must be refilled with a successful Upkeep Test outside of combat before it can be used again.
  • Empyrean Mantle
    Shadow in the Void: When travelling on Silent Running, all Tests to detect this vessel have their Difficulty increased by two degrees. When completing a Criminal objective, the
    players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points.
  • Micro-Defense Laser Grid (xeno-tech) (hidden)
    Wall of Light: Increase the ship’s turret rating by 2 (already added in).
  • Minelayer Bay (hidden)
    Minefield Ahead!: Component contains enough mines for 3 deployments – with an Upkeep Test as a suitable port required to reload. Routine (+20) Tech-Use Test can deploy mines in a spread covering an area 4 VUs wide, deep, and high behind the ship – can be done as an Extended Action in combat. To prevent mines from accidentally setting each other off, the fields cannot be set to overlap. See special rules on minefields.


  • Staravar Laser Macrobattery (archeaotech) (hidden)
    Locations: 1 Dorsal & 1 Prow
    Strength: 4
    Damage: 1d10+2
    Critical: 4
    Range: 12

Power Available: 49
Power Used: 49
Space Available: 45
Space Used: 45

Notable Crew:

  • Geneva Seelix – Astropathic Choir-Mistress

Dubious Enterprise

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