EldarThe Eldar are an ancient and highly advanced alien race who voyaged across the stars long before Mankind could even comprehend such a thing. An extremely long-lived race, the Eldar are physically similar to humans, but with longer, cleaner limbs, slim and elegant features, pointed ears, and penetrating eyes. Though they may share superficial physical features with humans, an Eldar could not be mistaken for anything other than an alien. They move with an inhuman grace and elegance, live with an intensity of experience many times greater than humans, and possess psychic potential.

The Eldar have a long and complex history as a spacefaring race. They have been travelling across the gulfs of space for aeons and once ruled an empire of worlds that spanned the galaxy. Those days of dominance and glory have long passed, and the Eldar that exist in the 41st millennium are the dwindling remnants of a once-proud race. They are all that remain of a lost and wondrous age that ended with a cataclysmic event known as the Fall, which caused the collapse of the Eldar civilisation. Most of those who survived the Fall did so by fleeing the death of the their worlds on great starships called Craftworlds, huge spacecraft many times more vast than the greatest ship of the Imperium that drift through the void on a journey without end.

Though they are a dwindling race, the technology and artifice of the Eldar is highly advanced. Most Eldar technology is based on the manipulation of psychoplastics using psychic energy to create breathtaking architecture, light but extremely effective armour, and deadly weapons. Their ships are swift and sleek craft propelled by solar sails and hidden by holofields that hide their position and confuse observers. Incredibly manoeuvrable and armed with devastating weapons, an Eldar ship under the command of a master of space warfare is almost without peer.

Outcasts from the Path

For those Eldar who dwell within the Craftworlds, the heightened pitch at which Eldar experience life is tightly controlled by adhering to a Path which creates bounds and limits on an individual Eldar’s experience. Occasionally an Eldar turns his back on the path and embraces an existence without restrictions; these Eldar are called Outcasts. This decision is a perilous one, as it not only leaves the Outcasts more vulnerable to the thirsting nemesis that has pursued the Eldar since the Fall, but also opens them to the risk of becoming consumed by their experiences and so lose themselves to darkness. The Elder Corsairs that prey on other races in the void are Outcasts from the Eldar Path and are highly dangerous and unpredictable, equally likely to act with magnanimity or wanton slaughter.


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