“Praise the Emperor and Pop the Clutch!”
- Vesper, with what passes for her battle-cry

“You know what planets are? They’re just very slow moving spaceships that only go around in circles.”
- Vesper, indicating her disdain of planet-born folk

“Only sixty million more payments and this sucker is mine!”
- Morgan, regarding ownership of her family’s flagship the Tyrant Sun

“It’s actually Little America.”
- Tryft, regarding Port Wander

“Would it have killed you to show some leg?”
“It may have killed someone.”
- Vesper and Eurydice, following a failed contract negotiation with a junker team

“Have you even heard a smile?”
“I have read about them…”
- Vesper and Eurydice, discussing Eurydice’s aloof demeanor

“So…just her foot, right?”
- Janessa, when told that Lady-Captain D’Stayn must be the first to set foot on a salvaged ship

“I’m halfway to my first insanity.”
“Normally not a character development goal.”
- Vesper and the GM, discussing starting insanity points

“You really don’t need to wind up the ex-Sister of Battle.”
- Vesper, lecturing Pulveria on constantly teasing Eurydice

“Lady-Seneschal, what does the captain tell us to do?”
- Pulveria, recognizing who is really in charge

“I assume that you’re all going in armed and armoured. Unless you’re completely incompetent.”
“Captain, do you have your arms and armour?”
- The GM and Vesper, before the Explorers ventured into a derelict starship

“We’re one blood test away from a new Dynasty.”
- Vesper, secretly Morgan’s illegitimate half-sister

“You data may be damaged if you do not first safely remove your Tech-Priest.”
- Maretek, when he is forcibly unplugged from a cogitator console

“0! 0! 0! 0000!!”
- Vesper and Maretek, just before Vesper hurls Maretek into the open void

“I wear both boxers and briefs. Just to keep the enemy guessing.”
- Tryft, with a random comment

“Don’t do that! I only have four senses left!”
- Pulveria, after Eurydice fires a bolter over the Astropath’s shoulder

“Where you born in a primitive construction made of wood and plaster? Perhaps used for storing animals?”
- Maretek, attempting to insult Vesper

“We lost her at fisting.”
- Eurydice, during a discussion about Captain Morgan’s power fist

“In my experience, cannibals always attack.”
- Pulveria, showing her wisdom in all things

“I switch to hellpistol and give them a little high-wattage love.”
- Tryft, switching weapons in battle

“I’m attached to this leg.”
“Not by much.”
- Pulveria and Vesper, after a monster nearly slices Pulveria’s leg clean off

“I’m not wrong. I’m just less right.”
- Morgan, showing her razor-sharp Captain’s wit

“Maybe if one of our acquisitions had been for fire extinguishers…”
- Vesper, after three simultaneous fires break out aboard the Tyrant Sun

“Prepare for the cleansing backhand.”
- Eurydice, typical retort

“Vesper, bringing peace to the universe, one airsick bag at a time.”
“Motion sickness makes strange bedfellows.”
- Vesper and Tryft, regarding how both mutants and missionaries fear Vesper’s flying

“You’re like a sentient alcohol-soaked scar tissue.”
- GM, regarding Vesper

“Gretchen and squig are just Ork sliders.”
- Tryft, regarding lesser Ork species

“Look, I landed it. I even used landing gear.”
“Yes, but you didn’t use ours!”
- Vesper and Pulveria, following a forced crash landing of a gun-cutter

“I’m going to subdue him by killing him.”
- Eurydice, showing typical Battle Sister tactics

“Have a few less Wounds and maybe I’ll come help you.”
- Eurydice, when Vesper complains that she never assists her in battle

“Remember the D’Stayn family motto: profit ubers alles.”
_ Pulveria

“Don’t shoot yourself in the head. I need that skull.”
- Maretek, who wanted a new servo-skull

“We’ve got a heavily armed, suicidal Martha Stewart!”
- Vesper, referring to Eurydice

“I found some people who are willing to race for pink slips – I don’t know what those are, but don’t tell me because I might be quizzed later.”
- Pulveria, who wants plausible deniability after helping Vesper get into trouble

“If this is how they do assassinations in these parts, I have to give them points for creativity.”
- Tryft, commenting as an explosion frees a saurian carnosaur from its cargo cage near him


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