Weapon Special Qualities

Gain additional +10 to BS when used with Aim Action. Aimed Basic weapons also gain +1d10 damage for every two Degrees of Success (max 2d10).

Gain +10 bonus to WS Tests made to Parry. Multiple Balanced weapons only grant the bonus once.

Blast (X)
Any targets within X meters are considered hit by the weapon. Roll damage once for all targets.

Concussive (X)
Target makes Toughness Test at -10 times X. Failure causes target to be Stunned for 1 round per Degree of Failure. Target is knocked Prone if it takes Damage greater than its Strength bonus.

Reduce Armour Point in target location by 1d10. If AP reduced to zero or less, excess amount becomes damage to target, ignored by Toughness.

Crippling (X)
If target suffers at least 1 Wound, it is considered “crippled” for remainder of the encounter. If crippled target takes more than a Half Action, it suffers Rending Damage equal to X to the same location. Armour and Toughness do not protect.

Gain +15 bonus to Parry Tests but suffer -10 penalty to make attacks.

Felling (X)
Reduce target’s Unnatural Toughness by X for purposes of damage from this weapon.

Target must make Agility test when hit or be set on fire.

Flexible weapons cannot be Parried.

Weapon counts as Best Craftsmanship Mono weapon to non-psyker. Psyker adds Psy Rating to weapon’s Penetration and Damage. Also, if target takes any Damage, psyker can make Focus Power Action (Opposed WP) as Half Action to inflict additional 1d10 Energy Damage, ignoring Armour and Toughness bonuses, per Degree of Success.

Hallucinogenic (X)
Target makes Toughness test at -10 penalty per X or rolls on Hallucinogenic Effects Table. Lasts 1 Round, plus 1 Round per Degree of Failure. +20 to Toughness test with respirators or sealed armour.

Haywire (X)
Haywire field cover X meters radius. Roll 1d10 on Haywire Field Effects Table (plus weapon modifiers). Strength lessens one step per Round.

Cannot gain bonus from Aim Action.

Increase weapon’s Penetration value by its base value for every Degree of Success.

Optional fire setting adds 10m to Range, adds 1d10 to Damage, and +2 to Penetration. Blast Quality is increased by +2 (if applicable). Uses three times normal ammo per shot and gain Recharge Quality.

Double weapon Penetration at Short Range.

Weapon overheats on attack roll of 91 or higher, doing weapon’s base Energy Damage with Penetration 0 to wielder’s arm unless wielder drops weapon (Free Action). Weapon needs next Round to cool before firing again.

Power Field
Increased Damage and Penetration indicated in profile. 75% chance to destroy opponent’s weapon when Parrying. Warp and Natural Weapons are immune.

Primitive (X)
Damage rolls higher than X count as if X was rolled.

Proven (X)
Damage rolls less than X count as if X was rolled.

Weapon may only fire every other Round.

Weapon only jams on unmodified roll of 00.

Weapon Damage also counts as Holy Damage, which has additional effects on Daemonic and Warp creatures.

When fired at Point Blank Range, add one additional hit per Degree of Success. Double Armour Points at Long or Extreme Range.

If target takes any Wounds, target makes Challenging (+0) Toughness Test. Stunned for 1 Round per Degree of Failure.

Smoke (X)
Creates smokescreen X meters in diameter for 1d10+10 Rounds.

Snare (X)
Target makes Agility Test when hit with -10 times X penalty. Failure means target is immobilized. Target may only make Strength or Agility Test to escape (same penalty applies).

Do not roll BS to hit. Targets in range and within 30 degree arc make Challenging (+0) Agility Test to avoid being struck. Hit location is always Body and weapon jams if wielder roll 9 on Damage dice.

Double number of hits and ammunition expended.

Roll additional 1d10 for Damage and drop lowest.

Toxic (X)
If target takes any Wounds, target makes Toughness Test at -10 times X penalty. Failure means target suffers additional 1d10 Damage – not reduced by Armour or Toughness.

Gain +20 to hit but use twice as much ammunition. Also, score one additional hit if attack rolls has at least two Degrees of Success. Double reload time.

Suffer -10 penalty to Parry attempts.

Weapon jams on roll of 91 or higher.

Weapon cannot be used to Parry or make Lightning Attack Actions.

Weapon Special Qualities

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