Wheels of Industry


Hull Type: Goliath-class Factory Ship
Dimensions: 4.9 km long; 0.9 km abeam
Speed: 4
Maneuverability: -12
Detection: +9
Hull Integrity: 53
Armour: 15
Turret Rating: 1
Void Shields: 1
Crew: 41,000
Crew Population: 100
Crew Morale: 102
Crew Rating: Competent (35)
Weapon Capacity: 1 Dorsal, 1 Port, 1 Starboard

Machine Spirit: Stoic
Endeavors suffer -1 Profit Factor but damaged/unpowered Component results are ignored on a 7+ on 1d10.

Past History: Reliquary of Mars
Tech-Use for repairs suffer -20 penalty.

Essential Components:

  • Plasma Drive: Modified Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive
    Overcharged: Add +1 Speed (added in).
  • Warp Engine: Strelov 1 Warp Engine
  • Geller Field: Warpsbane Hull
    Shield of Faith: +10 to Navigation (Warp) Tests; roll twice on Warp Travel Encounters and choose the preferred result.
  • Void Shields: Repulsor Shield
    Charged Particle Repulsion Effect: The ship does not suffer penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when
    travelling through nebulas, ice rings, plasma clouds or other celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles.
  • Bridge: Exploration Bridge
    Long Range Scanning: +5 Detection when using Active Augury
    Navigation Records: +50 Achievement Points with Exploration objectives
  • Crew Quarters: Voidsman Quarters
  • Life Sustainers: Ancient Life Sustainer
    The Air is Sweet: Increase Morale permanently by 2 (added in), reduce all losses to Crew Population due to non-combat sources by 1.
  • Auger Array: Deep Void Auger Array
    Eye of the Omnissiah: +10 to ship’s Detection (added in).

Supplemental Components:

  • Armour Plating
    Armour: Add +1 to Armour (added in).
    Dead Weight: Reduce Manueverability by -2 (added in).
  • Cogitator Interlink
    Sophisticated Cognition Operation: Add +5 to the ship’s Crew Rating (added in).
  • Crew Reclamation Facility
    Recycling: Reduce crew population losses by 3 (min 1); increase morale losses by 1.
  • Main Cargo Hold (x3)
    Stowed and Secured: Additional 375 Achievement Points toward Trade objective.
  • Plasma Refinery
    Powered by the Stars: Assuming the ship harvests material from an appropriate star at least once a year, increase Power Generated by +10 (added in).
  • Reinforced Interior Bulkheads
    Hard to Breach: +3 Hull Integrity


  • Thunderstrike Macrocannons
    Location: Dorsal, Port, and Starboard
    Strength: 3
    Damage: 1d10+1
    Critical: 6
    Range: 4

Power Available: 50
Power Used: 45
Space Available: 40
Space Used: 40

Notable Crew:

  • None as yet

Wheels of Industry

Rogue Trader: Pride and Profit Lonewalker