Argus Trespe

Imperial Priest and Missionary


Father Argus is a stocky, older man with a balding head, a slight paunch and lined but expressive face (he refuses to take any but the most basic rejuvenation techniques). He has ruddy skin and intense blue eyes that reflect his fervent faith. He always smells faintly of holy incense.

Argus is a product of the Imperial Schola Progenium and was educated from a young age to be a member of the Ecclesiarchy. His father, he is told, was a warrior martyr to gave his life to protect the Imperium from heretics and aliens. Argus was part of a missionary force sent to the Koronus Expanse when his ship was waylaid by a strange xenos device. He became a leader of the stranded Ecclesiarchy missionaries while trapped around the dark planetoid. His fanatical devotion to the Imperial Creed put him in conflict with the unrepentant mutant leader Henrik Ballast, but his fervor kept hope and defiance strong in his followers, allowing them to survive. When the Tyrant Sun arrived and rescued Argus and his people, the cleric tried to continue his missionary work in Footfall, only to find that station to be a den of sin and corruption and (in his opinion) impossible to save. Instead, he asked Eurydice Magdalene for passage aboard the Tyrant Sun, hoping to continue his original mission to bring the Emperor’s Light to the Expanse. Knowing that the Sun needed a strong, moral leader, Eurydice agreed, convincing the other officers to accept Argus. Since then, Argus has served as the High Confessor aboard the Tyrant Sun.

Argus Trespe

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