Dialogos Kalt

Tech-Priest Explorator and Enginseer Prime aboard the Tyrant Sun


Magos-Secutor Dialogus Kalt appears as a senior member of the Mechanicus Cult, meaning he has been heavily modified by bionic and cybernetic implants to the point that very little of his flesh and bone body can be seen (if it even exists). He possesses a powerful and dangerous air about himself, like a high lord, and has been known to frighten even the officers of the D’Stayn Dynasty.

Little is known about the background of Magos Kalt. It is rumoured that he received his indoctrination on Mars itself more than four centuries ago. When exactly he began service to the D’Stayn family is unclear, but there are few aboard the Tyrant Sun who remember when Kalt was not the Enginseer Prime on board. Kalt rarely deigns to take part in any aspect of the ship outside of his engineering decks, a region several levels in size that he rules as a monarch rules a kingdom. None save his own Tech-Priests are permitted within his domain, not even the D’Stayn leaders. When he must interact with the ship’s officers, he usually sends one of his lesser Tech-Priests (such as Maretek Omnus) to deal with the annoyance as he continues his own mysterious work.

Dialogos Kalt

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