Erys Firenza

Merchant Captain of the Transport Vessel Pious Silence


Captain Erys Firenza is a tall, severe woman with a lean frame, sharp angular features, and thick auburn hair that fights all attempts at neatness. Her expression is often humorless and she has frown lines around her mouth. She prefers to wear a modified version of her old Battlefleet uniform, which she keeps immaculate.

Firenza was born on the Battlefleet cruiser His Indomitable Will to a career Navy family. She attended the onboard military academy, excelling at officer’s training, until a call came out for chartist captains to serve in the mercantile fleets operating through the Calixis Sector. Firenza was among those selected to serve, her academy training slotting her neatly into a Captain’s rank. She served faithfully for several years, dutifully running her routes with little flair but great efficiency. After three tours of duty, she was granted a free captain status and merchant charter, allowing her to command her ship, the Pious Silence, on merchant runs of her own choosing. After a handful of mediocre endeavors in Calixis, she decided to venture out to perform runs through the Maw leading into the Koronus Expanse. On one of her first runs, she had the misfortune of being caught by a moon-sized xenos installation, her ship and crew trapped in orbit mid-way through the Maw. Her caution and quick-thinking preventing the Pious Silence from being noticed and targeted by the alien attack ships there, and she made an alliance with Father Argus Trespe for mutual survival. When the D’Stayn Dynasty flagship, the Tyrant Sun, arrived in system and destroyed the xeno installation, Firenza allowed herself to be charmed by Lady-Captain Morgan D’Stayn into swearing an oath of loyalty and entering service with the D’Stayn family.

Erys Firenza

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