Gilbertus Cedd

Navigator Primaris of the Tyrant Sun


Gilbertus was noble born of the notorious Cedd Navigator House. Though the House struggled, its leaders continued to live a life of excesses that plunged its finances further into the depths. Gilbertus was forced to leave his life of luxury and ply his trade. He found recent work aboard the Tyrant Sun, last flagship of the D’Stayn Dynasty, following an ancient contract between House Cedd and House D’Stayn. His relaxed manner and laughing ways made him friends among the lower crew and ratings…but his tendency to drink to excess (even when on duty) earned him the enmity of the ranking officers. Except for Vesper, with whom he shares a close friendship.

Despite his flippant and cavalier attitude, Gilbertus possesses a fierce loyalty to his family and will frequently step up to defend them. In one case, he threatened to end a generations-long contract with House D’Stayn when he learned a rival family had been contracted by Morgan to serve aboard some new ships. Only Janessa managed to cool the young Nobliate lord and in the end made a number of concessions to keep the Cedd contract.

Gilbertus is a lean, pale-skinned man with aristocratic features and eyes the color of empty space. He prefers to dress in fine loose-fitting clothes with a cowl concealing the upper portion of his face. He has a disarming smile and always carries a flask of hard amasec concealed somewhere on his person.

Gilbertus Cedd

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