Seneschal of the D'Stayn Dynasty and High Factorum of the Tyrant Sun


Origin Path

Homeworld: Noble
Birthright: In Service to the Throne (Born to Lead)
Lure Of The Void: Chosen by Destiny (Xenophile)
Trials & Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Pride
Career: Seneschal
Ship Role: High Factorum


WS 34 BS 40 S 42 T 42 Ag 42 Int 43 Per 42 WP 32 Fel 57

Talents and Traits

  • Etiquette (+ 10% to Interaction Tests in formal settings)
  • Supremely Connected
  • Legacy of Wealth
  • Vendetta
  • Xenophile (+ 10% to Fellowship vs Aliens; – 5 Willpower vs Aliens)
  • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Peer (Noble, Underworld) (+10 to Interaction tests with these groups)
  • Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)

Special Abilities

  • Seeker of Lore (spend Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Lore, Cyphers or Logic test)
  • High Factorum (once per game session, move up to 300 Achievement Points from one Endeavor to another)

Trained Skills

  • Barter +10 (Fel)
  • Charm (Fel)
  • Command (Fel)
  • Commerce +10 (Fel)
  • Common Lore (Administratum, Koronus Expanse, Rogue Traders, Underworld) (Int)
  • Deceive (Fel)
  • Disguise (Fel)
  • Dodge (Ag)
  • Evaluate (Int)
  • Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Xenos) (Int)
  • Inquiry (Fel)
  • Literacy + 20 (Int)
  • Performer (Oratory) (Fel)
  • Scholastic Lore (Archaic, Bureaucracy)
  • Security (Ag)
  • Silent Move (Ag)
  • Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Trader’s Cant) (Int)
  • Tech-Use (Int)


Half Move: 4 Full Move: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24 Base Leap: 4 Base Jump: 80

Gear and Acquisitions

  • Hellpistol (best craftsmanship) (Pistol; 35m; S/2/-; 1d10+5 E; Pen 7; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Quality + 10 to attack tests, Reliable) with Mono-Sight (+ 10 with Aimed shots)
  • Hellgun (best craftsmanship) (Basic; 110m; S/3/-; 1d10+5 E, Pen 7; Clip 30, Reload 2 Full; Quality +10 to attack tests, Reliable)
  • Xeno-mesh armour (AP 3 all locations)
  • Autoquill, dataslate, chrono, glow globe, and multi-key
  • Backpack, grapnel, and handcuffs
  • Micro-bead and magnoculars
  • Negation Synskin and chameoline cloak
  • Eldar Holo-Suit
  • Null boxes (5)

Wounds: 10
Insanity: 3
Corruption: 0
Fate Points: 4

Total XP Spent: 8500
Available XP: 0


Janessa was born to an old and widespread noble family that has served the D’Stayn Dynasty for generations. As a youth, she sought out a hedonistic lifestyle, plying all manner of ignoble pleasures much to the shame of her family – though her experiences gave Janessa much insight in the galactic criminal underworld. Somewhere along the way, Janessa had an encounter (a sexual one according to rumors) with a traveling member of the enigmatic Eldar race, sparking her fascination with the mysterious inhumans.

When the disaster struck House D’Stayn, many of Janessa’s family were also killed or lost in the conflict. Janessa found herself rapidly moved through the ranks to serve as seneschal to her friend Morgan D’Stayn, who herself was suddenly thrust in the role of head of the Dynasty. Janessa was not one to be intimidated by challenges and threw herself into her new duties, determined to bring the D’Stayn Dynasty back to its former place of power and glory.


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