Kage Jenner

Master of Gunnery aboard the Tyrant Sun


Kage was born to the ruling family of the Jenner Clan, the collection of extended families who manned and maintained the starboard macrocannon batteries. Like all Jenners (especially of the ruling family), Kage embraced his warrior culture, eventually leaving his birth home aboard the Tyrant Sun to do a tour of duty in the Imperial Navy. During his service, he took part in a holy conflict on the outskirts of the Calixis Sector, which prompted him to do a second tour to see to the end of the crusade.

Kage returned home to the Tyrant Sun just before the ill-fated wedding of Lady Morgan D’Stayn. The bloody battle resulted in the deaths of his parents and many of the other Jenner family elders. Kage found himself suddenly forced to take on the Speaker role of the Jennfer clan, leading the extended families, serving as ship’s Gunnery Master, and acting as liaison to the D’Stayn command staff.

Kage is a big and muscular man, unusual for void-born. He often wears a serious expression on his face. He is unshakably loyal to the Jenner Clan and to the D’Stayn Dynasty.

Kage Jenner

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