Morgan D'Stayn

Reluctant Rogue Trader and Lady-Captain of the Tyrant Sun


Origin Path

Homeworld: Noble
Birthright: In Service to the Throne (Born to Lead)
Lure Of The Void: Chosen by Destiny (Fated for Greatness)
Trials & Travails: High Vendetta
Motivation: Pride
Career: Rogue Trader
Ship Role: Lady-Captain


WS 52 BS 40 S 36 T 36 Ag 45 Int 45 Per 37 WP 24 Fel 60

Talents and Traits

  • Etiquette (+10 to Interaction Tests in formal settings)
  • Supremely Connected
  • Legacy of Wealth
  • Vendetta
  • Brook No Insult (WP Test to avoid losing temper over slight)
  • Air of Authority (Command test affects 1d10 + Fel bonus targets)
  • Ambidextrous (ignore -20 penalty for attacking with off hand)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Paranoia (+2 Initiative)
  • Peer (Government, Nobility) (+10 to Interaction tests with these groups)
  • Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)

Special Abilities

  • Exceptional Leader (Grant a single character that can be seen + 10 to one Skill Test once per round)
  • Lady-Captain (Gain +10 bonus to Hold Fast! Extended Action; grant Exceptional Leader bonus to any one character aboard ship once per Strategic Turn)

Trained Skills

  • Barter (Fel)
  • Carouse (T)
  • Charm (Fel)
  • Command +10 (Fel)
  • Common Lore (Imperium, Rogue Traders) (Int)
  • Dodge (Ag)
  • Evaluate (Int)
  • Inquiry (Fel)
  • Intimidate (S)
  • Literacy +10 (Int)
  • Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Tactica Imperialis) (Int)
  • Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (Int)
  • Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Trader’s Cant) (Int)
  • Trade (Rogue Trader) (Int)


Half Move: 4 Full Move: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24 Base Leap: 3 Base Jump: 60

Gear and Acquisitions

  • Power Sword (good craftsmanship) (Melee; 1d10+8 R; Pen 5; Balanced, Power Field, +5 to attack rolls)
  • Power Fist (good craftsmanship) (Melee; 2d10+6 E; Pen 9; Power Field, Unwieldly, +5 to attack)
  • Inferno Pistol (good craftsmanship) (Pistol; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+5 E; Pen 12; Clip 3; Reload Full; Melta, Reliable)
  • Bolt Pistol (good craftsmanship) (Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; 1d10+5 X; Pen 4; Clip 8; Reload Full; Reliable; Tearing)
  • Storm Trooper carapace armour (best craftsmanship) (AP 7 in all locations)
  • Fine clothing & xenopelt cloak
  • Voidsuit & respirator
  • Micro-bead & vox-caster
  • Good-craftsmanship photo-visor (Dark Sight Talent & immune to photon flash)
  • D’Stayn Family Ancestral Seal (+ 10 to Interaction Tests with Imperial citizens and organization when displaying the seal)

Wounds: 10
Insanity: 8
Corruption: 2
Fate Points: 5

Total XP Spent: 6950
Available XP: 50


The thirteenth child of the D’Stayn Dynasty, Morgan was never expected to handle the reins of the Trader House. Instead, she was given a cursory education and allowed to indulge in all the pleasures a young woman of noble birth and extensive wealth could enjoy. But soon a plot against her House seemed in order as a handful of her brothers met with mysterious and tragic deaths. Morgan herself barely survived a raid by Ork Freebooterz during a visit to one of her family’s space stations. But Morgan remained blissfully ignorant of greater workings until, during what was to be a political marriage between herself and the scion of an allied noble house, an altercation occurred between the assembled fleets of the two families. The conflict escalated until virtually no one survived between the two Houses, leaving Morgan the sole living heir to the D’Stayn name. Now she finds herself forced to take on a mantle she was barely trained for and endeavor to restore her family’s fortunes…all while seeking out who was responsible for the murder of her family.

Morgan D'Stayn

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