Richter Gauss

Lexmechanic in Service to House D'Stayn


Richter Gauss was born on a lesser Imperial forge world and inducted into the Cult Mechanicus at a young age. Quiet and unassuming, he was gradually shifted from one duty position to another until he was assigned as a lesser member of Magos-Secutor Dialogos Kalt’s cadre of lexamechanics on board the Tyrant Sun. He served quietly and with little flair, which seemed to disappoint the Magos. When a request for some translation work came direct from the leaders of House D’Stayn, Magos Kalt pawned the task off onto Gauss, who worked with his usual diligence and efficiency. His work impressed Lady Janessa, who requested that Gauss be transferred to her personal team. Magos Kalt, uninterested in the passive young Tech-Priest, agreed to the transfer.

Gauss is extremely pleased with his new position. He lives to serve and never questions his instructions from Lady Janessa. But he now finds himself with interested cryptological challenges and fascinating research assignments on topics he never had exposure to before. His new work does occasionally bring him into the field more often than he is used to and he has already irked some of the ranking D’Stayn officers (Vesper in particular) with his complete lack of tactical skill. But Lady Janessa appears to appreciate his hard work, precision and social competence…so he continues to serve.

Richter Gauss

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