Shiss Elur

Freelance Astropath


Born on an fortress world on the rim of the Imperium, Shiss knew combat and military discipline almost from birth. Like all children on her homeworld, she was raised if battle and warrior skills being second nature to her. When her psychic powers manifested, she dutifully submitted to the Black Ships and traveled to Holy Terra. The divine will of the God-Emperor saw her reborn as an Astropath and she was assigned to a battlefleet contingent before requesting a transfer to a support fleet going to the aid of her homeworld, which had been overrun by Chaos invaders! She continued to serve in the Imperial Navy following that crusade, testing her mettle against pirates and Ork warriors alike. During an ill-fated trip through the Maw into the Koronus Expanse, Shiss’s ship was caught in the grip of an ancient xenos gravity trap that tore apart the vessel. As one of only a few hundred survivors (most of them underdeck crew), Shiss threw in her lot with Henrik Ballast, the mutated leader of a colony of survivors. Her telepathic abilities were useful to Ballast, who used her to gauge the danger of any newcomers to the xenos moon region. When the Tyrant Sun arrived in system and destroyed the gravity trap, Shiss eagerly jumped at the chance to join the astropathic choir of Pulveria Nocte. Eventually, she found herself serving as the ranking astropath aboard the salvaged monitor cruiser, the Emperor’s Bounty.

Shiss is a small woman with dusky skin, dark hair and a waspish figure concealed beneath her astropath robes. She is never without a number of weapons under her loose-fitting garb and has been known to openly carry her shotgun even while on-ship. She is a disciplined soldier with an air of confidence tempered by a faithfulness to her superiors. Shiss often has difficulty relating to those without a military background or a warrior’s nature, but she does her duty without question and is loyal to the D’Stayn Dynasty. She enjoys nothing more than testing her combat skills at any opportunity.

Shiss Elur

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