Void-Master and Master Helmsman of the Tyrant Sun


Origin Path

Homeworld: Void-Born (The Tyrant Sun, no mere ship)
Birthright: Scapegrace (life hits hard, shoot back)
Lure Of The Void: Renegade (never just settle for what you have)
Trials & Travails: Press-Ganged (sometimes destiny chooses for you)
Motivation: Endurance (what you can’t outthink or outgun, outlive)
Career: Void-Master (“razor sharp and iron fisted” personal creed)


WS 39 BS 45 S 29 T 52 Ag 49 Int 49 Per 39 WP 52 Fel 49

Talents and Traits

  • Charmed (roll 1d10 when spending Fate Point to heal; on a 9, recover Fate Point)
  • Dark Soul
  • Ill-Omened (-5 Fellowship with non-voidborn)
  • Void-Accustomed (no penalties for zero-g environments)
  • Decadence
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal/Primative)
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Sound Constitution (x3)

Special Abilities

  • Master of Space (re-roll failed Pilot-Spacecraft checks)

Trained Skills

  • Awareness (Per)
  • Command (Fel)
  • Common Lore (Imperial Navy, Koronus Expanse, War) (Int)
  • Dodge (Ag)
  • Drive (Ground Vehicle, Skimmer/Hovercraft, Walker) (Ag)
  • Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Pirates, Xenos) (Int)
  • Gamble (Int)
  • Inquiry (Fel)
  • Intimidate (Str)
  • Literacy (Int)
  • Navigation (Space) (Int)
  • Pilot (Flyers, Spacecraft + 10) (Ag)
  • Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int)
  • Scrutiny (Per)
  • Secret Tongue (House D’Stayn) (Int)
  • Sleight of Hand (Ag)
  • Speak Language (Low Gothic, Ship Tongue-Tyrant Sun) (Int)
  • Tech-Use (Int)
  • Trade (Voidfarer) (Ag)


Half Move: 4 Full Move: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24 Base Leap: 2 Base Jump: 40

Gear and Acquisitions

  • Mono-Sword (best craftsmanship) (Melee; 1d10+2 R; Pen 2; Balanced, + 10 to attack rolls)
  • Hand Cannon (best craftsmanship) (Pistol; 35m; S/-/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 2; Clip 5; Rld 2 Full; Never jams) with Red Dot Laser Sight (+ 10 to single shot) and Fire Selector (choose between 3 ammo types)
  • Recoil Glove (can fire Basic weapons or Hand Cannon one-handed with no penalty)
  • Organ Grinder Rounds (Target must take a Toughness Test with -10 per point of damage taken. Failure causes 2d5 R damage with no reduction)
  • Bleeder Rounds (+1 to Damage, only versus Organics)
  • Guard flak armour (AP 4 all locations)
  • Micro-bead, pict recorder, and vox-caster
  • Void suit and rebreather
  • Bottle of amasec (among other hard liquor hidden on her person)
  • Holo-map of the Tyrant Sun
  • Archeotech Mechadendrite Pack
  • Sentinel Scout Walker

Wounds: 18
Insanity: 16
Corruption: 0
Fate Points: 4

Total XP Earned: 11,200
Total XP Spent: 10,350
Available XP: 850



Vesper’s mother was simply an administrative clerk for one of the larger holds in the ship, Vesper herself has no idea who her father is – only that he isn’t from the Tyrant Sun. Though her mother assures her it wasn’t simply some planet-lubber. Hints that it was someone of rank working for the D’Stayn household have been made, but nothing specific.

Either way, Vesper definitely had something about her that set her apart from the average person born on the ship. And it wasn’t just the fact she had two colored eyes (itself a tiny bit of warp-taint), or the way she kind of stared through people, but a tenacity. Her father did take notice of his errant child, if only because Vesper showed the ‘proper’ half of her lineage as well. Smart, almost eloquent in the way she could interact with other shipmates, just a cut above the rest. He took an unseen hand in her life.

Vesper still had to fight her way within the families and factions on the ship, it was her unending curiosity to just go other places (even if just other places on the ship) that got her into trouble. She scrambled through engine conduits, scrapped with the Gunnery Clans, found her way into command structures on more than one occasion, and generally came to actually know the ship she called home. She wasn’t going to settle for being born on the Tyrant Sun, she wanted to be part of her fabric.

Young Adulthood

There’s a price for standing up when everyone sits, for speaking when everyone remains silent. Someone, eventually, notices you. And thus Vesper was forced to grow up about the same time she learned how to pilot one of the Tyrant Sun’s many onboard transport shuttles. The Lord-Captain himself plucked her from the teeming masses to learn on the bridge crew of another ship. Experience he said, or an airlock, at least he offered a choice. She was commissioned to several years away from home on the freighter Nebula’s Pride as part of her bridge crew. She didn’t fit there, not really. The Nebula’s Pride wasn’t as big, merely a freighter, nor were her crew truly home there. Nebula’s Pride berthed at a home-world – a planet she rarely set foot on, or even learned the name of. She unsettled some, annoyed others, but her skill and willingness to at least take commands (a strong survival instinct) made her good at her job.

It was shuttling the Captain of the Nebula’s Pride, one of the Lord-Captain Rogue Trader’s representatives in the fleet of many freighters, that things took a bad turn. Orks decided to raid the station, they were eventually beaten back, but not before the command crew of the Nebula’s Pride was caught in the middle of it. The captain – Vesper forgets his name – was injured, but the Senechal, the D’Stayn’s actual representative power, made it out, Vesper herself was severely injured by an Ork Choppa, and wasn’t killed by grabbing the now dead Captain’s no longer needed own pistol and killing the Ork (a pistol she still has), and flying the crew back to the waiting Nebula’s Pride where the onboard soldiers were handily repelling Ork raiders of their own (truthfully the Orks were after the station, not the ship, for some reason). The reward for not dying to a wound that would have killed most was transfer back to her own beloved Tyrant Sun.


Vesper didn’t just come home, she came home different. Some say she stared down her own death aboard The Nebula’s Pride freighter, some say the Void looked back at her. Either way, she has a way with command, crew, and ship and she worked herself right into the fabric of all three. And when she had decided the previous Master Helmsman needed to retire… well, no one knows exactly what happened but there was an opening, and there was Vesper waiting. How she gained enough favor of the Lord Captain is part mystery and part actual talent, she assumes it’s at least in some way due to the supposed nature of her paternal parentage.

Personality, Motivations, et al.

Vesperevasaraphangeline, usually shortened to Vesper, is probably a few cards short of a full deck. She has a habit of staring out into the void – watching the colors she says, which is unsettling enough. When she looks at a person she tends to look just past them, or through. Still, she’s attentive enough to people to get what she wants. A scrapper in a fight, small and unassuming she has a bad habit of not knowing when to sit down and just bleed out.

Vesper has covered most of her torso and some of her arms in various tattoos, six wings sprout from her spine on her back. Glyphs a various ship board factions adorn her as well, and some unsettling patterns. Her hair is done completely in many long, thin, braids, some have charms woven into them, some colored threads, some are dyed various colors, she’ll usually pull them all back into one large braid, but likes the swirled noise and color of them falling free. Her eyes are two different colors as well, one blue and one brown. Her hobby is to collect Ships Tokens add keep the charms in her braids.

She stands five feet flat, and wears cargo pants, heavy boots, and a tank top most of the time – dress code isn’t even on her list. The heavy gun sits on her thigh, and the mono-sword slung low across her back.

Vesper isn’t particularly fond of the Lord Captain D’Stayn, but she knows how life works – the D’Stayn dynasty owns the ship, therefore the crew.

Vesper has a bit of balls-out, no holds barred, party-all-night approach to life. Her ultimate desire is to serve no one, but everyone serves someone, even the Lord Captain has to answer to another. So she settles for the small freedoms, and has a minor reckless streak to make it interesting.

Her feelings of the D’Stayn Dynasty, and those who actually serve it willingly, is mixed. Without the supposed paternal influence she might have just been another broken lost cause in the bowels of the ship, but then with his influence she’s now at the helm of the thing…. She might have made it here without him.

The Tyrant Sun

Her home, and she’s only really comfortably home inside her hull. The mostly non-local (read: not born on or with the ship) Command Crew and other hires, annoy her. They look at the ship as see Corridor 18, Deck 73. Or Port Macrocannons. Engineering. She sees the ship as “Shrapnel Blvd” (so named when an ancient munitions storage exploded and a reinforce bulkhead sent fire and shrapnel down its length for quarter a kilometer in each direction), or “Crosstown 73” for the horizontal ‘elevator cars’. The Barrett Clan controls the main Port Broadside, gunners, munitions, supplies, repairs, it’s all one extended family – in competition with the Jenner Clan on the Starboard side. Sure the crew is paid in Thrones, but who wants to keep all that coin loose, you have two on-board banks to choose from, using Ship-Writs to pay for things in the teeming underbelly that is the Void City known as the Tyrant Sun.


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