Magos Genetor-Biologis Heretek


Zophon was one of the leaders of the Mechanicus Biologis division aboard the Imperial Naval vessel, the Unfailing Allegiance. While serving on board during the Angevin Crusade, Magos Zophon frequently saw to the healing of the Space Marines (from the Tigers Argent Chapter) that traveled aboard the vessel. He developed an unhealthy curiosity about the Astartes gene-seed and augmented organs – the secrets of which had been lost since the Horus Heresy. When the Allegiance became trapped in the warp following its clash with the Chaos raider Red Haze, Zophon saw his opportunity to study the genetic material of slain Space Marines without inhibition. Obsessed with duplicating and improving the Astartes gene-seed, Zophon soon turned on the surviving Tigers Argent and Imperial personnel in an effort to gain more and more genetic material for study and experimentation. Frustration over lack of real progress, Zophon turned to a form of warp-sorcery that showed promise. The result came in the form of so-called ‘seed-born,’ twisted mutants augmented with advanced bionics that came close to duplicating the Astartes combat prowess but with horrific side-effects. Zophon even experimented on himself, augmenting his already mechanized body with his own regenerative and mutated enhancements. After two millennium of study, Zophon had become ruthless and insane, justifying all his atrocities in the name of science and knowledge.

Zophon met his end at last when the scions of House D’Stayn invaded his enginerium domain aboard the hulked Allegiance. Even his enhanced powers were tested against the deadly skill and effectiveness of House leaders like Tryft NaLiptik and Morgan D’Stayn. In the end, when he tried to flee, he was ignominiously set aflame by a humble servo-skull, incapacitating him long enough to be executed by concentrated, point-blank gunfire.


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