Negation Synskin

Sensor and Psy-Nullifying SynSkin

  • Mechanical sensors suffer a -20 to detect the wearer.
  • Psykers are required to make an Arduous (-40) Perception Test to perceive the wearer via Telepathy and Precognition Disciplines or the See Without Eyes Trait. Psychic powers that directly affect the mind of the wearer suffer a -20 to Focus Power Tests.
  • Wearer may re-roll one failed Concealment, Shadowing, or Silent Move Test per Round.
  • Synskin provides AP 2 to all locations. May be worn under other Armour but AP does not stack.
  • Wearer gains the Resistance (Heat, Cold, Radiation) Talents, gaining a +10 to Toughness Tests to resist heat, cold, and radiation effects.

A jet-black bodyglove that glitters just slightly in the right light due to integrated circuitry set in patterns of warpbane symbols. Controls on wrist allow activation or deactivation of synskin properties. The negating properties of the synskin function even when worn beneath other armour.

Lady Janessa discovered this device aboard the Mechanicus treasure ship Wheels of Industry. It is believed to be a product of ancient Officio Assassinorum development.

Negation Synskin

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