Pious Silence


Hull Type: Vagabond-class Merchant Trader
Dimensions: 2km long, 0.4km abeam.
Speed: 5
Maneuverability: -5
Detection: +13
Hull Integrity: 46
Armour: 13
Turret Rating: 3
Void Shields: 1
Crew: 18,000 approx.
Crew Population: 100
Crew Morale: 103
Crew Rating: Competent (30)

Machine Spirit: Skittish
Reduce Speed by 1 when in combat; reduce long distance travel times by 1d5 weeks (minimum 1).

Past History: Reliquary of Mars
Tech-Use for repairs suffer -20 penalty.

Essential Components:

  • Plasma Drive: Modified Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive
  • Warp Engine: Markov 1 Warp Engine
    Overcharged: Reduce travel times by 1d5 weeks.
  • Geller Field: Basic Geller Fields
  • Void Shields: Single Void Shield Array
  • Bridge: Commerce Bridge
    Organized: Additional 50 Achievement Points toward Trade objective.
  • Crew Quarters: Clan-Kin Quarters
    For Hearth and Home!: +5 to Command Tests to defend against Hit & Run or boarding actions. Reduce Morale losses from all source by 1 (minimum 1).
  • Life Sustainers: Ancient Life Sustainers (archeaotech)
    The Air is Sweet: Increase Morale permanently by 2, reduce all losses to Crew Population due to non-combat sources by 1.
  • Auger Array: M-201.b Auger Array
    Sensitive: Add +5 to ship’s Detection (added in).

Supplemental Components:

  • Astropathic Choir-Chamber
    Psy-Locus: Add +10 to Astro-Telepathy Tests and +5 VUs to astropathic ranges.
  • Luxury Passenger Quarters
    Paying Customers: Additional 100 Achievement Points toward Trade, Criminal, or Creed objective.
    Class Division: Decrease Morale permanently by 3 (already added in).
  • Main Cargo Hold
    Stowed and Secured: Additional 125 Achievement Points toward Trade objective.
  • Micro-Defense Laser Grid (xeno-tech)
    Wall of Light: Increase the ship’s turret rating by 2 (already added in).
  • Observation Dome
    Engraved Star-Charts: Additional 50 Achievement Points toward Exploration objective.
    Cure for Claustrophobia: Increase Morale permanently by 1 (added in).
  • Reinforced Interior Bulkheads (x2)
    Hard to Breath: Add +6 to Hull Integrity (added in).
  • Temple-Shrine to the God-Emperor
    Inspiration: Increase Morale permanently by 3 (already added in).
    Awe of the God Emperor: Additional 100 Achievement Points toward Creed objective.
  • Trophy Room
    Past Experiences: Additional 50 Achievement Points toward Exploration, Trade, or Criminal objectives.


  • Thunderstrike Macrocannons
    Location: Dorsal & Prow
    Strength: 3
    Damage: 1d10 + 1
    Critical: 6
    Range: 4

Power Available: 40
Power Used: 40
Space Available: 40
Space Used: 40

Notable Crew:

  • Erys Firenza – Lady-Captain
  • Iago Mendez – Choir-Master Telepathica

Pious Silence

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